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What exactly is a Dimes Card?

A Dimes Card is a pre-paid Master Card which communicates with the Dimes app. It can be used like a normal debit or credit card.

When does Dimes launch?

We are a couple of months away from launching in the UK. We'll post regular product updates on our blog.

How to I get money onto my card?

We provide three main ways of funding your account. The easiest thing to do is set up a direct debit with us so we can take out or put back the exact funds you allow us to. You can also set up one off bank transfers into your Dimes account. If you don’t feel comfortable with this (that hurts) you can use normal Visa/MasterCard card payments.

What happens to my money if Dimes shuts down?

We’ll send your whole account balance back into your main bank. Unlike banks we don’t lend or take risks with your money. We always hold 100% of what you deposited unlike the 30% or so normal banks hold. If we go bankrupt we can’t by law (and because we’re good guys) take any of your funds.

Is my money secure?

Yes. We obviously take security very seriously. We use the best practices for keeping funds safe.

Are you going to sell my data?

We have no intention of selling your data. Data privacy is something very important to us along with keeping it secure. Our business model is one that will never rely on selling your data.

Why just the UK?

London is one of the biggest global financial centers and has a growing tech community. We plan to expand internationally as soon as we're fulling running in the UK.

Do you charge any fees?

Unlike other pre-paid cards we don’t charge top up, withdrawal or zero-balance fees. The only one we do charge is 30p for ATM withdrawals. This is because we get charged this directly.

Can I use this card abroad as a travel card?

Not for the moment unfortunately. It increases fraud risk dramatically for us so for first launch we’re leaving this feature out.

How do you offer large cash back?

We’re issuing points to you which have real world value as they are being traded by us on your behalf externally. We go into detail about this on our blog.