Our aim is to redefine financial services through technology

Our Values

Open APIs

Payments are expensive because of all the parties involved. We aim to get rid of card, bank and settlement fees. Our APIs can be used to make direct account to account transfers. Let’s drop percents and fees for transactions.

No Lending

We will always hold 100% of money deposited with us and will never lend or take risks with it. We don't think it's a bank's place to do this. We believe it should be your choice how you make investments with your money.


Security has to be perfect. If we can’t keep your details or funds safe we’re not much good. Combating ease of use vs security is a key and building the platform from the ground up means we're solving this.

Data privacy

We will never sell your data to third parties. We know how sensitive financial data is and we aim to fund Dimes through sale of services rather than sale of data.

Who are we?

We’re a group of product developers who create a new generation of financial applications

Join the team

We’re looking for key hires for Dimes. We’re a tight team focused on the product and changing the industry. We also know how to have fun - we hope. If you think you can help us please apply. You’ll get equity and all the usual perks.

We are currently looking for:
iOS Engineer
Android Engineer
Financial Analyst

One Canada Square
Canary Wharf
United Kingdom E14 5AB

Banking as we know it will change, as will the definition of a modern bank

Michael Copeland - Andreessen Horowitz

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