Spend better

Use Dimes Card for intelligent budgeting and discovering cashback rewards

Your current card is old.

The finance industry is stuck in the past.

But we’re moving things forward.

We're changing the way you spend - forever.

It all starts with a card

I hear you! or Not bothered


Cya then.

The card that makes your money clear

Every purchase is automatically tracked through your Dimes card. Effortlessly work out how much to spend every day with dynamic budgeting.

business as usual

Dimes Card is accepted in all stores that accept card payments.

A card that discovers cashback rewards

As you spend with Dimes card you discover cashback challenges. Complete challenges to win Dimes points which convert into cashback.

Secure for sure

We use bank grade security. Your money and data is safe with us.

Control your card

Set yourself card limits so you can’t overspend (we’ve all done it). We keep you updated as you're spending and if you’re desperate you can lift the limit.


Easily order your card online in minutes


Receive your card directly through the mail


Set up auto top ups or manually top up your card

Level up to unlock rewards and cards

Complete challenges to level up to unlock rewards and special edition cards.

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